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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What up.

I have just not felt like updating this at all lately. It's almost 5 am and I just got back from dubstep circus and I am wired... so I guess I'll update regardless. Lifes been good, have a lot going on like stand up.. thats going really well, and been chilling with some cool folks meeting a lot of people. It's all about just getting out there and having a general interest in people. There are people that don't like to talk to just anyone, but I've been greeted more so positively, by random people I've struck conversation up with. I love it, I've got some great ideas from talking to folks, and some good views on shit. I know I'm a man of detail. lollllzzzz. I am just not good with typing it bores the balls out of me. But for now this is good. Hope everyone's life is going good. peace outt