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Sunday, September 5, 2010

SUNDAY-`-`bloody sunday.

Just got home from work it is 7:40 am.. I already hate working at walmart WAY more then I thought I would. Not only because it is Walmart, but because the people too. They're all terrible terrible terrible people. So dumb, so fucking dumb. They talk about the most stupid shit. I watched people fight with animal crackers in the lunch room for 30 mins before I got up and smashed all of their crackers with my bottle of water. WAS SO MAD AT THEIR DUMB BULLSHIT! but I'm home now and I think before I take a little nappy poo I am going to look for another job or 2. Also I still have a super crush on that girl that I have a super crush on. It's annoying I keep thinking about her, but it's mostly because I have no chance with her ( I think ). And what else... that project I said I was gonna start tuesday well ERIN still hasn't given me her camera sooo can't start that til I get that.. and I came in second place in the disc golf tourney. We ended up going to mongolian BBQ after and FUCKING ATE! it was great. The end fuck off.