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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wenesday morning shit son.

Well already so much done. 12 am went for a little 40 mile bike ride. On the way back I stopped off at this nice track I've heard about and did 3 miles. Then shit went south on my way back my Ipod died... so the tireds kicked in ... bad. So I tried singing to myself, but my voice is so damn good I had to stop. It was hard and I ran out of water on the way back, but I made it. Took an amazing shower did 50 push-ups 100 sit-ups and sparked a bowl. Gonna wake up around 8am and smoke with Tyler and go disc golfin some time around noon I wanna say. Later perhaps going to do some stand-up and invite some people to that. If not see if Erin is going bowling still. Oh and I have to get that camera from her too... to start hating on Amber. Whatev night/morning peace and stuff.


  1. huge bike ride

    checking in on ur progress

  2. Damn dude, 40 miles? That's pretty impressive.
    I feel the same way about LoL (it's absolute crap, and it was made for 8 year olds who can't handle dota in my opinion)

  3. Cute cat eating a watermelon :x
    I be a stalking you now.

  4. very. nice. following for more awesome.