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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a casual Monday.

Just made myself a tastey sub it was fantastic. Have a busy day ahead of me: have to find a new job; Walmart is terrible. Also have to go into the recruiting station @ 1 and pick my job. 97 on my asvab I'm so smart. lolz. Writing some jokes and perhaps chillen with some buds. Other than that eh nothing going on. I've come to a nice place in my pursuit of women. Since I was so focused on trying to get one girls and going completely lady gaga for her my game with other girls has increased so much more. I've actually been laying down fat game on ladies scoring numbers, going on dates, and hanging out so much more. It sucks though cause I am still really interested in the one girl... but you can't creep around waiting for one girl to like you when it just isn't going to happen. Shits sucks, but oh well plenty of other girls out there, and maybe one day she will change her mind... and then I will have a lot more experience and be more prepared for her. We'll see, but for now I need to get my ass in the shower. PEaCE